Student Town Hall - Shared screen with speaker view
Richard M (he/him)
Aaaa I'm late what'd I miss
Richard M (he/him)
Sorry, meant to pm that!
Una Moore (she/her)
Dr. Milone-Nuzzo, thank you for this information. I was very happy to see how quickly IHP addressed the change to the SEVP and expressed solidarity with international students.
Can we get rid of that box please
Una Moore (she/her)
A few questions:1) Will IHP offer individual *legal* counsel to international students?2) Regarding anti-oppression: how will IHP include this in hiring practices for faculty, clinical instructors and TAs?3) How, in terms of contingency planning, is IHP preparing for the possibility of widespread civil unrest and economic instability after the presidential election in November?
For those of us doing terribly at home, is there any way we can get on campus soon?
Damian Johnson
is there a plan in place in case of a second wave of COVID?
Una Moore (she/her)
IHP was unprepared for COVID-19. The questions above pertain to how well IHP has learned the lessons of the pandemic so far.
Laura Wiles
When I looked at Gov. Baker's Massachusetts reopening plans, health professions schools were allowed to do some activities in person during phase 1. If that was the case, why didn't we get to do things in person or have the option do some things in person during the summer?
Una Moore (she/her)
Good question, Laura
^^ my grades really can’t take any more hits…
Sara Franke
For those of us in programs that lost the clinical component this summer, will there be opportunity for clinical placements in the fall? In the DEN program, we were supposed to have maternal and pedi rotations this summer. I am award that it was deemed sufficient by the nursing association and the school for clinical experiences to be conducted virtually. While this might be fine for the NCLEX and for checking the boxes, lots of us feel we may be ill-prepared in these areas. Partners institutions have been excepting nursing students back since July.
Sara Franke
aware* not award, sorry
Una Moore (she/her)
Echoing Eshe: due to COVID, online classes, social distancing, and the ongoing epidemic of police violence and uprising against that violence, many students have been struggling academically far more in the past four months than they did before. Current measures to support these students are insufficient in the ABSN and DEN programs. How can this change ASAP?
Una Moore (she/her)
To clarify: My question about the election was NOT about police/security?
Una Moore (she/her)
Sorry no ?. It wasn't about police
David Despotakis
I arrived late, so forgive me if my question has already been covered. I am wondering how the IHP will address systematic ableism. I, and other CSD students, are so excited about the initiatives that have been proposed. However, I did not notice an explicit consideration of ableism. In our discussions with students, this is as pervasive as racism. Additionally, students of color with disabilities experience intersectional systems of oppression.
Jack Gormley
My understanding is that the question about the election and unrest is more about how it may impact students, their schedules, their ability to focus on school, etc etc. If this is off, please email me if you’d like to discuss. It’s a great question.
Una Moore (she/her)
Jack, that is correct for me personally. I would also add that it relates to the financial stability of IHP at a certain point.
Jack Gormley
Thanks Una
Una Moore (she/her)
I want to bump Eshe's question about retaining students who have been struggling academically during COVID and online classes despite current support measures as well as David's question about ableism.
Melissa Gordon-Wollin
As far as scheduling for in-person clinical work, are we going to implement staggered schedules, so we won’t be traveling on the subways during rush hour?
Maddy Vu
This sentiment has been brought up before, but I would like to reverberate the concern that a good number of my classmates would like a better understanding of where our tuition is going and what educational resources it is now supporting since the pandemic has started. I understand that you shared the tables and graphs with us, however, is there a way to get a specific breakdown on where the money has been allocated and how this has not decreased the value of our education?
Laura Wiles
^specifically referring to tuition, not fees. We really appreciate your sharing how the usage of fees has changed with COVID. If possible, we would like the same type of chart/explanation for tuition as well.
Maddy Vu
^yes, Thank you for clarifying Laura!
Una Moore (she/her)
I don't think Eshe's concern was really addressed, so I am bumping that again: some students are really struggling academically in ways they wouldn't in "normal" times and in person. Marginalized students are especially affected. Current support is not enough. How will IHP retain these students? Specifics
Sarah Maron
What in that 22% has increased? Can you please explain what exactly caused the tuition to increase by 6%?
Wait, our tuition for fall is raising by 6%?
Una Moore (she/her)
Reiterating: I don't think Eshe's concern was really addressed, so I am bumping that again: some students are really struggling academically in ways they wouldn't in "normal" times and in person. Marginalized students are especially affected. Current support is not enough. How will IHP retain these students? Specifics
Kristin Pettini
We hear you about the increase in cost, we just want to know where our dollars are going when we are off campus and im sure some students are hurting financially
Kristin Pettini
It’s about accountability so I appreciate the transparency and hope that this will continue moving forward!
Melissa Hall
I have a question specifically relating to the nursing program. In our Public Health course for clinical, we have separate clinical instructors for our once a week clinical meetings (which is great! This allows us to make connections with other professionals in the Public Health field and not only our lecture professor even if it is over Zoom). For our maternity and pediatric clinical this semester, our clinical instructors are our lecture professors. What lead to the decision to remove the pediatric and maternity clinical instructors for our course? I believe this would have been very valuable to have a separate clinical instructor for this course for us to not only make other professional connections, but for a different perspective for pediatrics and maternity. Having clinical instructors would have also allowed for better zoom conversation having a group of 6 instead of a large zoom class of 35 for clinical
Sara Franke
I agree Melissa, thank you
0k thank you for the clarification
Patricia Reidy
Melissa, and Una, happy to follow up with you in the SON
Swarna Gummadi
Thank you!